Aid and Support

MEMO-Qc provides support services to people with spinal cord injuries. With our experience, we focus on developing relationships and offering support and psychosocial counseling. This is done by our integration counselors. During the different phases of rehabilitation, MEMO-Qc counselors are present to establish a solid relationship of trust with the patient and his or her family. This relationship of trust is the cornerstone which allows them to play their most important role: helping with learning and retention.

Specifically, the integration counselor is there to listen and give personalized support, first by meeting the patient during his rehabilitation and beyond, so that he can resume a full life. For example, the counselor can provide advice on adapting a home or vehicle, or address more personal matters such as sexuality after a spinal cord injury. The advisor is also available to assist and support the families of new spinal cord injuries and their entourage, in providing advice or sharing with them their personal experiences.

MEMO-Qc’s integration counselors have a role to play for people with spinal cord injuries at all stages of their rehabilitation, but it’s rare they are called to intervene in phase I. To achieve this, our counselors provide a continuous presence at The Gingras-Lindsay Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal, the Institute of Physical Rehabilitation of Quebec and the Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau. We are also involved at the following rehabilitation centres who serve the needs of patients with an SCI:

  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital in Laval
  • Le Bouclier Rehabilitation Centre in Terrebonne and Joliette
  • Marie-Enfant Rehabilitation Centre (Sainte-Justine Hospital)
  • Le Parcours Centre for Physical Rehabilitation in Jonquière

At the request of someone with a spinal cord injury outside of the centres mentioned, our counselors can also provide integration services in other Quebec rehabilitation centres. Our volunteer peer counselors are available to go to other centres.