MEMO-Qc could not exist without the work of its dedicated volunteers. They provide invaluable support to our team, and help us provide quality services to our members and the community. Some will lend a hand in organizing activities conducting events, others will support our outreach efforts, or provide expertise in various areas (graphic design, translation, editing, promotion, tech support, etc.).

Some spinal cord injured persons who have a keen interest in fostering helping relationships and sharing their experiences get involved in their area by becoming a volunteer peer counselor, an essential addition to our work team for promoting the reintegration of people living outside major centers. To know more about our volunteer peer counselors network, click here.

If you want to volunteer for MEMO-Qc or organize a fundraising event in your area, it would be of great benefit to us. We welcome with open arms all types of volunteers whether they help out an hour a day or several times a year.

For more information, see Get Involved.