Personalized support

Life after a spinal cord injury provides daily challenges for which we are not always prepared, especially with regards to respect for individual rights. The complexity of the numerous steps to be undertaken can be overwhelming and information, particularly regarding government programs or other measures, can be difficult to obtain.

The resources available at MEMO-Qc can help our members get personalized support in many situations. The process of adapting a home or vehicle, or efforts to obtain proper support or home health care services, or seeking review of an administrative decision that is believed to be unjustified; these are some examples of when the client may not know how to properly navigate through the process and assert their rights. Our advocacy counselors are there to help. Like our members, they live with a spinal cord injury themselves and have at one time or another faced the same challenges. This experience and expertise, gained over the years by helping others in similar situations, can help you make the right decisions regarding your individual case. They are there to advise you of your available options and to help you learn about the available programs, resources and solutions. Their goal is to enforce your rights in the different areas of your life connected to your limitations.

For MEMO-Qc, each case is unique. Every member has an individual story of their own and we are committed to approach every case as such. Some examples of coaching:

  • A member dependent on social assistance is unable to obtain full coverage of their urological products and must therefore pay the difference from his or her pocket. Our counselors can accompany this person through the complaint procedure to the Ombudsman so that this situation is corrected.
  • A tetraplegic requiring a total of 22 hours a week of home care services for his or her daily activities has been limited to 15 hours a week by the CLSC because of budgetary restrictions. Our counselors can present the member’s case to the CLSC, the CSSS and, if necessary, with the regional agency to recognize their rights.
  • A member with the CSST as their insurer is in the process of adapting his house which requires the installation of an elevator to have access to his basement, which the CSST has refused. Our advisors can accompany the member in writing his request for helping to clarify his needs for such an adaptation. In the case of refusal, they can accompany the member in his request for review to the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for advice. Although we can not give legal advice, because we do not offer legal services, we can accompany you throughout your search as best we can. Many members of our organization can attest that the support of MEMO-Que can make a difference in your life.