Research projects we’re currently collaborating on


Research projects we’re collaborating on


We supported a number of researchers in their work to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries. Some examples:

  • A research to adapt a 3D mapping software that has the potential to meet the need to list all adapted housing across Quebec (under the direction of Manon Guay and Hélène Pigot, in collaboration with several other researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke ).
  • A Canadian study aimed at deepening the knowledge of peer mentoring programs in Canada (under the direction of Shane Sweet).
  • Research that focuses on experiential knowledge at the heart of peer support (under the direction of Normand Boucher).
  • A research project with a new approach centered on the needs of users, including all environments related to rehabilitation (Initiated by the IRGLM).
  • A study to understand the characteristics of some of the services (home help, help with the preparation of meals, etc.) valued by people with physical disabilities and their caregivers (under the direction of Bertrand Achou).
  • A research on barriers and facilitators to the perception of people with disabilities in the labor market (under the direction of Charles Bellemarre).

On occasion, we invite our members to participate in surveys and research. The results increase the data on spinal cord injuries and at the same time improve their lives in the medium term.