Get involved

Whether it’s as an administrative volunteer, as a peer counselor,  to lend a hand at an event, to make calls or whatever else, we are always looking for volunteers. Some will lend a hand in organizing activities or proper conduct of events, others will support our outreach efforts, or provide expertise in various areas (graphic design, translation, editing, promotion, computer , etc.).. Complete the form.

Sales comittee

Do you have a network? Would you like to help us contact people? Would you like to help sell tickets for some of our events? It’s simple! We can send you information and you just have to promote the events to your contacts to sell the most tickets possible. Contact us.

Organize a fundraising event
Let your imagination go! A hockey tournament, poker, a luncheon, dinner theme, a garage sale, a show … Gather your friends, colleagues, family, and organize a fundraising activity. We can help! We can provide posters, donation boxes, banners, etc.. Fill out the form.