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Mental Health and Spinal Cord Injury: Clinical Considerations for Rehabilitation Providers

Résumé Objectives
To evaluate socioeconomic inequalities in social relationships, and to assess whether socioeconomic conditions and social relationships are independently related to mental health problems in individuals with a physical disability due to spinal cord injury (SCI).
We analyzed cross-sectional data from 511 individuals with SCI aged over 16 years who
participated in the community survey of the Swiss SCI Cohort Study (SwiSCI). Indicators for socioeconomic conditions included years of formal education, household income, and financial strain. Social relationships were operationalized by three structural (partner status; social contact frequency; number of supportive relationships) and four functional aspects
(satisfaction with: overall social support; family relationships; contacts to friends; partner
relationship). General mental health was assessed by the Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5)
of SF-36 and depressive symptoms were measured by the Hospital Anxiety and Depression
Scale (depression subscale, HADS-D). Established cut-offs for general mental health problems (MHI-5 56) and depressive symptomatology (HADS-D 8) were used to dichotomize outcomes. Associations were assessed using logistic regressions.
AuteursKatlin R. Schultz, Linda R. Mona, Rebecca P. Cameron
Titre de revue/journal, volume et numéro
Current Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Reports, volume 10.
Langue de la publication et/ou de traductionAnglais (langue d’origine)
Année de parution2022
Institutions affiliéesCalifornia State University
Lien vers la publicationhttps://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40141-022-00349-4
Type d’accès à la publicationGratuit
Mots clésPsychological adaptation, Rehabilitation psychologists, Spinal cord injury, Mental health
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Précédent Management of Mental Health Disorders,Substance Use Disorders, and Suicide in Adults with Spinal Cord Injury
Prochain Mental health in individuals with spinal cord injury: The role of socioeconomic conditions and social relationships
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