Our Spokespeople

Our Spokespeople


Marco Calliari has been a spokesperson for MEMO Quebec for the past 6 years. He puts his heart into helping people with spinal cord injuries, giving his time and energy with conviction





In 1981, my cousin was the victim of a motorcycle accident. I saw him in a coma. When he woke up from his coma, he got on his handcycle. His motivation led him to become a Paralympic champion and make it his life.
He was a huge inspiration to me back then and he still inspires me today.

We take being able-bodied for granted. We often don’t realize the work involved just living with a disability. So being able-bodied, it’s important for me to give «an extra arm, or leg». It’s normal to want to help.
I was a guest at MEMO Quebec’s first fundraising show, and I was really touched. I spent the evening watching the show with the members in the crowd, even though I was an invited guest. I really enjoyed the performance by the late Simon Lortie.

For me, it’s important that when I do a show for a cause, that I get involved with the cause. I’m also inspired by the team at MEMO Quebec. They a great gang of people, devoted to their work and helping the members.

For Marco, MEMO Quebec is a bit like a family. Everybody works together and everybody puts a bit of themselves into their work

I’m inspired by the work done by the team at MEMO Quebec

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