Research projects we’re currently collaborating on


Research projects we’re collaborating on

We supported a number of researchers in their work to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries. Some examples:

  • A study of support received from the individual environment of people with SCI and its relationship with their quality of life and achievement of social and daily activities. (edited by Lyne Beauregard, with co-researchers Luc Noreau, Mary Ann McColl and Kathy Boschen)
  • A study that aims to understand the relationship of the home environment to the life of a young adult with an injury to the spinal cord. (edited by Christelle Montreuil)
  • Research on the contribution of the environment upon returning to the community of persons with spinal cord injuries (under the direction of Lyne Beauregard, in collaboration with Luc Noreau, Normand Boucher, Hélène Lefebvre
  • A questionnaire on the situation and needs of women with disabilities in Quebec

On occasion, we invite our members to participate in surveys and research. The results increase the data on spinal cord injuries and at the same time improve their lives in the medium term.