Fonds 33 (Available once a year)






The foundation MEMO-Qc launches the 4th edition of Fonds 33, a financial aid program for people with spinal cord injuries. It is a financial support that aims to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuries, specifically those living with an important financial challenge.

Le Fonds 33 is the result of a collaboration between Fondation MÉMO-Qc and Fondation 33, a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by Maxime Girard, a circus artist who became quadriplegic following a fall during a show in 2013. La Fondation 33 organizes professional circus shows to raise funds to support people who have suffered a spinal cord trauma.

SECTION 1 – Eligibility Criteria

  • be a member of MEMO-Qc;
  • be a resident of Quebec;
  • have a spinal cord injury;
  • require financial support to fill an important need related to their spinal cord injury.

The requested financial support must improve the quality of life of the beneficiary by promoting their safety, autonomy, or social integration or by giving respite to the person concerned and his entourage. It must allow access to services that are only partially covered, that are not covered at all or that are not available due to program limitations, lack of resources or delays that result in a long waiting period. Note that written proof may be required on this subject.

Assistance requested must be to help the beneficiary in one of the following ways:

  • Adapting residence;
  • Adapting of a vehicle;
  • Purchase of specialized equipment;
  • Health and social services;
  • Education;
  • Activities related to leisure, sports or the arts;
  • Travel

Note that most of these areas are usually covered in part or in whole by programs provided by the provincial government. It is therefore your responsibility to make use of these programs before making a request for something that may be covered by an existing program.

To better understand if your need might be a valid request for assistance from Fonds 33, ask yourself if you would have had to cover these expenses had it not been for your disability.

Your request for assistance may be used to cover costs in the following ways:

  • Expenses to adapt the residence of a person with mobility issues, beyond what is covered by a government programme;
  • Expenses beyond what is covered to purchase a vehicle which can be adapted for a driver or passenger with mobility issues;
  • Purchase of a propulsion system which will help with indépendance and safety, which is not covered by a government plan;
  • The cost of a device which promotes safety and independence, not already covered by a government program;
  • Assistance related to education;
  • Expenses related to equipment needed for an adapted sport, leisure activity or artistic interest;
  • Cost of a plane ticket or expenses for a family member care-giver or assistant when taking a trip.

SECTION 2 – Terms

The budget allocated for the year 2021 is $ 25,000.

  • The minimum amount of financial assistance is $ 50.
  • The maximum amount of financial assistance is $ 5,000.

SECTION 3 – Dates

The receipt and analysis of requests will be done once a year.

• All complete requests must be made no later than February 12th, 2021

• The analysis of the requests will be done in early March 2021 * (not in February)

(*) due to the extension of 2 weeks

SECTION 4 – Procedures

  • The recipient or applicant must complete and submit the required form and supporting documentation within the prescribed timeframe for their application to be accepted.
  • The recipient or applicant must remain available and open to providing more information to the evaluation committee if necessary.
  • Each application will be analyzed by a committee made up of representatives of the Foundation 33, the MEMO-Qc Foundation and health professionals. Members of the committee are:

– Josée Dubois, occupational therapist at the Montreal Gingras-Lindsay Rehabilitation Institute (IRGLM)

– Marie Riley-Nobert, occupational therapist at the Montreal Gingras-Lindsay Rehabilitation Institute (IRGLM)

– Marie-Blanche Rémillard, President of the Board of MÉMO-Qc

– Maxime Girard, Executive Director of the Fondation 33

– Walter Zelaya, Executive Director of the Fondation MEMO-Qc.

  • All applications will be treated fairly, equitably and confidentially.
  • All decisions, favorable or unfavourable, will be communicated to all applicants.
  • If financial assistance is granted, you will be requested to provide the corresponding submissions as proof.
  • A purchase made prior to the filing of the application will not be refunded.

SECTION 5 – Application Presentation

Note that only one application per person is allowed, that your application must be the subject of a single request and that absolutely all sections of the form must be duly completed and all the supporting documents provided without exception. Any application deemed incomplete will not be submitted to the selection committee. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is complete. If you require assistance, please call (514) 341-7272.

All files must be submitted together as one document and presented in the following order:

  • Application form (MANDATORY)
  • Proof of income (MANDATORY)
  • Submissions and / or quotes (MANDATORY)
  • An occupational therapist report (MAX: two pages) (OPTIONAL)
  • Any other relevant document (MAX: two documents) (OPTIONAL)

SECTION 6 – Contact Information

Please return this form and supporting documents:

  • By email: 
  • By fax: (514) 341-8884
  • By mail: addressed to the Fondation MEMO-Qc at 6020 Jean-Talon Street East, suite 400, Montreal Qc, H1S 3B1