Café scientifique on pressure sores

On May 29, the third edition of the Journées québécoises des lésions médullaires (JQLM) hosted a “Café scientifique” on pressure sores.

The purpose of this exploratory meeting was to review the research conducted in the area of ​​pressure sores and develop a common understanding of their impact on the daily lives and overall health of people living with spinal cord injury, as well as their implications on the rehabilitation period of these people. Echoing the issues and recommendations emanating from the workshops held during the event, we produced a report outlining the different avenues and directions that the research community should take both in Quebec and in Canada related to pressure sores.

It is with pleasure that we reveal to you this report (in French) which you will find below:

We also invite you to watch the two videos highlighting the highlights of the Café Scientifique :

English Version :

French Version :